Manic 2

Prince Manic the Hedgehog

Prince Manic the Hedgehog (played by Jaleel White and Tylee Ross) is the youngest of the trio. His magic medallion turns into a drum set which can cause tremors and fire lasers. The cymbals can also reflect laser fire. When Manic was a baby during Robotnik's coup, Queen Aleena put him on someone's doorstep, but a thief came out of the sewer and stole him and brought him to a good-natured thief named Ferrell. Now Ferrell taught Manic the ways of being a thief, from pickpocketing to computer hacking. After hearing the "song in his heart", Manic went to a club where he met his siblings and formed a rock band. Later, after Ferrell was arrested and roboticized, Manic joined Sonic and Sonia in their journey to find their mother.

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