Prince Sonic the Hedgehog

Prince Sonic the Hedgehog (played by Jaleel White and Samuel Vincent) is the first-born oldest of the triplets. He is everything like his SatAm counterpart. He has super speed, an appetite for chili dogs, his inability to swim and an attitude. He wears a magic medallion which turns into an electric guitar which, as used as a weapon, can fire lasers. When Sonic was a baby, his mother Queen Aleena left him on the doorstep to an unnamed married couple. Five years later, when Robotnik's SWATbots raided the house to arrest the couple, the father told Sonic to run to his Uncle Chuck for safety. Ten years later, Sonic was living with Charles in his station in Robotropolis. Robotnik was operating a force field to protect his factories. Using every bit of his speed, Sonic broke through the force field so that the resistance could destroy his factories. Exhausted, Sonic was later resting at his uncle's hideout. Suddenly, the Oracle of Delphius appeared and informed Sonic about his siblings. By listening to the "song in his heart", Sonic, Manic and Sonia met and played at a local club. When Robotnik found out that it was Sonic who trashed his force field, he sent SWATbots to capture his uncle. Now Sonic, Sonia and Manic begin their quest.

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