Sonia 1

Princess Sonia the Hedgehog

Princess Sonia the Hedgehog (played by Jaleel White and Stevie Vallance) is the middle-born only girl of the triplets. Sonia lacks the super speed that Sonic has, but she can spin like a tornado, is unusually super strong and has a photographic memory. She is also very agile and skilled in martial arts. When she was a baby, during Robotnik's takeover, Queen Aleena placed her on the doorstep of a kindly aristocrat name Lady Windimere, who was captured fifteen years later by Robotnik's SWATbots and was roboticized alongside Sonic's uncle Chuck and Manic's foster father Ferrell. After Sonia heard the "song in her heart", she and her boyfriend Bartelby went to a club where she met her brothers. Sonia is the most fashionable of the trio. Raised in a mansion. Sonia actually lived like a princess. Sonia's magic medallion turns into a keyboard synthesizer which doubles as a laser rifle which also creates smokescreen. She also travels on a motorcycle and has a crush on Knuckles the Echidna.

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